On 28 November 2020, Food Diversity Inc., (Halal Media Japan division) was having a fruitful collaboration with one of Indonesia’s largest financial planner companies, Finansialku, in their Youtube Live with a topic “KoFi – “Optimis Bangkit! Momentum Mempersiapkan Rencana Keuangan 2021” (“Be an Optimist and Rise Up! A Momentum for Preparing the 2021 Financial Plan”). The Youtube Live was brought in all Bahasa Indonesia, presenting role stand information to more than 300 viewers.

In this Live, Mrs. Nazaya Zulaikha represented Food Diversity Inc., (from Halal Media Division) shared her experiences in living and working in Japan as an Indonesian and gave an insight on how she manages her financial plan abroad.

Finansialku educates Indonesian society about the importance of building a financial plan to achieve financial goals, offers not only financial-related consultation services but also a convenient and easy-to-use financial application you can download for free on Apps Store or Play Store.

Continuously, 【Halal Media Japan x Finansialku】will have an Instagram Live collaboration on 4 December 2020 at Finansialku and Halal Media Japan Instagram account, start from 19:00 (West Indonesia Time, 21:00 Japan Time).