Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan is considering ways to lift its entry ban on international tourists and planning to accept inbound on a trial basis as early as April next year.

Currently, Japan refuses entry from approximately 158 countries and regions due to the coronavirus pandemic, and just lift its ban for business purposes travel recently.

In preparation for lifting the ban, Japan is expected to set up some conditions for international tourists to be able to enter Japan.

  1. International tourists hoping to visit Japan need to download a health check app when obtaining visas at Japanese consulates/embassy in their home countries.
  2. Internation tourists will be obliged to acquire a health certificate that they are tested negative for the coronavirus prior to travel.
  3. International tourists will be obliged to buy private medical insurance for the period during their stay in Japan for possible infection after entering Japan.
  4. When entering Japan, they will undertake another coronavirus test and able to enter the country if tested negative
  5. Report their health condition via the app for 14 days after entering Japan and plan to be no 14 days quarantine.

The government is planning to set up an exclusive health consultation center for international tourists so they can consult their health during their stay in Japan. Furthermore, the government will continue to monitor the infection status of the coronavirus in Japan and overseas, while working to formulate the countermeasures in January 2021, and will resume accepting foreign tourists on a trial basis from April 2021 before the Tokyo Olympics.