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The Popular All-Vegan Course at the Rank 7th of Selected Hot Springs in Japan

Shima Onsen (means, “forty-thousand hot springs”) is a hot spring in Gunma Prefecture in the northern part of Tokyo, with a 3 hours ride by bus from Tokyo station. The name “Shima, onsen” is said to come from “40,000 hot water heals 40,000 diseases”.

In the first half of the 9th century, it is being said that the hot spring had been visited by the Japanese shogun and also became a model for the popular Ghibli anime “Spirited Away”.

Kashiwaya Ryokan

In the Shima Onsen, there is a popular and a long-established ryokan (Japanese inn) with 70 years of history, Kashiwaya Ryokan that has been chosen as rank 7th on TripAdvisor’s “Japanese Ryokan Ranking 2020 Popular by Foreigners”

The ryokan serves also a vegetarian menu (without additional charge) as well as the vegan menu (with an additional charge of 2,000 yen) by using local ingredients. Vegetables that are grown there are sweet and incredibly fresh! The ingredients carefully prepared by the skilled chef, which gives magic to make the dish not only a meal but also an art.

Don’t mention the taste, it is incredibly delicious which can’t be expressed by words. Even all the courses are vegetables, but it doesn’t feel like it instead of a “small luxury”. That’s it, that’s why they have number of Western repeaters.

The Meals

Grilled autumn vegetables with ponzu and egoma miso

Vinegared apple basket

Flower beans and konjac sashimi

Chrysanthemum red eye

Eggplant millefeuille

Leaf griled tochio

Vegetables curry hotpot

Sweet potato and chestnut rice

Today’s dessert