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Extensive Vegan Menu You can Enjoy at Japanese Restaurant Gonta!

Himeji city is known with its beautiful all-white castle, which is recognized as Japan’s first world heritage.

Located at 10 mins walk from the castle, there is a restaurant that is popular among locals, the Japanese restaurant “Gonta”, which has an extensive vegan menu arranged from the local foods! We don’t even realize if not being noticed that the meal is vegan, it proofs how skillful the chef is to make it possible.

When visiting Himeji city, please have a visit to Gonta and enjoy their exquisite vegan menu!

The Menu

Japanese-style vegan burger

Vegan meat pasta

Vegan mabo dofu

Vegan cutlet curry

Vegan offal miso fried udon

About the Japanese Restaurant Gonta

193 Shio-machi Himeji-shi, Hyogo Prefecture 〒670-0904
Opening Hour
[Lunch] 11:30-15:00 [Dinner]17:30-24:00
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