Malaysia & Japan for Innovation in Halal Markets

Author: Aya

Malaysian companies are urged to explore new markets and expand their business activities internationally to fulfill the nation’s vision, as mentioned by the Malaysian International Trade and Industry Minister, Datuk Darell Leiking. He believes that the Halal market in Japan is the best platform for Malaysian halal producers to expand their brands.


A Suspicious Country Becomes More Mysterious

Author: Yokoyama

Japan, a country that has the world’s oldest population, has recently shown success in controlling the spread of COVID-19. What are the reasons? This suspicious country becomes more mysterious by proving a slow spread in the past few weeks.


Masks Sold in Vending Machine

Author : Zhafira

Japan has always been characteristically ahead of their game when it comes to new innovations in times of uprising trends. This time, the country is making great use of their vending machines to sell cool masks suitable for both preventive measure and cooling tool for the soon-to-come summer breeze.