The Last Online Iftar Party in Ramadan 2020

Written by: Zhafira Aqyla

Thanks to everyone, Halal Media Japan has officially ended its first-ever Online Iftar Party in a bang!

For our last week, we invited a Japanese revert who accepted Islam in 2017 and married an Indonesian woman in 2018. Last year, he got the opportunity to go to Umrah with a travel group specifically catering towards recent converts. We proudly present Kaiji Wada-san!

Kaiji-san shared his story on the life-changing event throughout his lives and how he has been enjoying living in Indonesia in a country where Muslims are the majority population.

Although there are hardships in his journey, such as not being able to find a fellow revert who shares his struggles, he acknowledges that everything is manageable with the right intention, which is to worship God. 

In this last Iftar session, we were joined by more than 30 enthusiastic audiences who wished to be inspired by Kaiji-san’s journey and virtually gather with other Muslims in Japan.

In the past four weeks, we have successfully held this Iftar party with about a total of 4 guest speakers and 80 audience members with diverse nationalities. We thank everyone who has participated since the very beginning, and with this, Halal Media Japan wishes everyone to spend the last 10 days of Ramadan with joy and peace. 

We look forward to meeting you again next year, InsyaAllah.