Treat yourself to the best Muslim-friendly kaiseki restaurant, which does not only get you overwhelmed with the luxurious yet authentic Japanese traditional cuisine!

※ Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese cuisine, a set course meal chosen by the chef to highlight a specific seasonal theme.

Ise Sueyoshi

Located in Nishiazabu, Tokyo, Ise Sueyoshi allows you to enjoy the Japanese traditional cuisine, kaiseki at ease. Ise Sueyoshi focuses on traditional kaiseki style cuisine in an exquisite course. With the availability of halal options and English-speaking staff, Ise Sueyoshi was awarded the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice 2019!

Available counter and table seats. You can watch the chef work preparing the meals from the counter seat, or simply enjoy every bite of the meal slowly at the table seat.

The chef, Mr. Yuki Tanaka which is an English-speaker, opened Ise Sueyoshi in 2015 and has taken the Halal Manager Training and Exam with the Japan Islamic Trust. Mr. Tanaka uses fresh yet seasonal ingredients that taste best to serve the classic kaiseki. For the halal course, everything is prepared free from alcohol including seasonings with alcohol ingredients (mirin, etc) as well as free from pork-related ingredients, by using separate cookware and using halal-certified ingredients.

In enjoying the kaiseki at Ise Sueyoshi, you must be aged 15 or older and come to the restaurant in fragrance-free, since the perfume can interfere with your and other guests’ enjoyment of the meal.

Halal Special Course (37,500 yen)

    • Appetizer
    • Seasonal dish
    • Sashimi
    • Soup
    • Warm dish
    • Refreshing dish (as a palate cleanser)
    • Boiled dish
    • Rice
    • Dessert
    • Matcha green tea

*The menu may vary according to seasonality


Place your reservation through the link below
Reservation times: 17:00 and 20:00
Cancellation: 30 days before the reservation date and will be fully refunded.

Honke Tankuma Honten

Honke Tankuma Honten in Kyoto is an old-established washoku (Japanese cuisine) restaurant with 90 years of history, which acquired a Halal certificate from Kyoto Halal Council as well as Halal Chef Certificate from Japan Halal Association. They started to offer Halal food in September 2014. Recognized with two-stars from Michelin and with a first-class chef, Honke Tankuma Honten offers a distinctive Kyoto-style kaiseki course. Also available wagyu beef menu. The restaurant has English-speaking staff, they are warmly welcome international customers.

Please do note that to enjoy the halal meal at Honke Tankuma Honten, reservation (see below) is strictly required at least two days in advance.

Halal Kaiseki Course (20,625 yen)

  • Seasonal dish
  • Sashimi
  • Soup
  • Grilled dish
  • Simmered dish
  • Vinegared dish
  • Deep-fried dish
  • Rice
  • Red miso soup
  • Pickles
  • Sherbet or fruit

Kaiseki Course With Halal Wagyu Beef (68,750 yen)

  • Seasonal dish (including sushi made with wagyu beef)
  • Roast wagyu beef
  • Stewed wagyu beef
  • Charcoal-grilled wagyu beef
  • Wagyu beef dish with vegetables
  • Wagyu beef shabu-shabu
  • Wagyu beef tempura
  • Rice
  • Red miso soup
  • Pickles
  • Sherbet or fruit


Two days in advance through the link below

Reservation times: 12:00, 13:00, 18:00, and 19:00

Cancellation: 7 days before the reservation date and will be fully refunded.

About Honke Tankuma Honten

168, Izumiya-cho, Kiyamachi-dori-Bukkoji-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
11:30-15:00(L.O:13:30), 17:00-22:00(L.O:20:00)
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