Yummy Treats at Home!

The pandemic outbreak forced people to stay home and refrain from an unnecessary outing, many people feel frustrated to be locked all day at home, also makes restaurants need to look for another way to offer their services. These conditions led to a rapid increase in food delivery needs. The good news is, we have a list of halal restaurants across Japan that offer the delivery and shipping service for you to treat yourself with yummy dining as you can enjoy at the restaurant!

Treat yourself with the comfort and tasty halal food at home and support our local business and community!

Takeawayable Tasty Halal Foods from Halal Restaurants in Japan

Yakiniku Panga

Besides of takeaway service, the Yakiniku Panga also offers delivery service on Uber Eats as well as shipping in across Japan. This service allows you to treat yourself with a high-quality wagyu, the Satsuma beef!

Yakiniku Panga on Uber Eats


Shipment across Japan


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Yamamotoya Okute

The Halal Nagoya’s soul foods now are available to be enjoyed at home! From chicken rice bowl to chicken wings and chicken cutlets for delivery on Uber Eats and the famous Nagoya’s soul food, the miso-nikomi udon and miso chicken wings with a super-easy cooking set!

Yamamotoya Okute on Uber Eats (Nagoya)


Shipment across Japan

Miso nikomi udon

Miso chicken wings

Kawagoe Kousushi

The authentic yet luxurious Japanese cuisine also can be enjoyed at home. The delivery area is covering the Kawagoe city area and you can place your order by a call to 049-224-0333.

Ichikura Ramen (Asahikawa, Hokkaido)

Ichikura Ramen as the first ramen shop serves Muslim-friendly ramen offers shipment for their popular and Muslim-friendly Yamitsuki Gyoza in 3 flavors; plain, cheese, and verge. The gyoza comes frozen and available for shipment across Japan.

For order, please email to [ichikura24@yahoo.co.jp].


Luxe Burger (Tokyo)

The popular all-halal burger shop in Ningyocho, the Luxe Burger also available for order on Uber Eats! The voluminous burger now can be enjoyed at home!

Luxe Burger on Uber Eats