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The Governor of Tokyo, Mrs. Yuriko Koike Held an Iftar Party

On May 29, the governor of Tokyo, Mrs. Yuriko Koike held an iftar party which is also recognized as information gathering meeting, inviting Ambassadors and Representatives of 47 Islamic Countries in Tokyo. The event was held at Tokyo Government Office, started with discussion meeting led by Mrs. Koike.

This information gathering meeting has been held since 2005.

On her speech, Mrs. Koike mentioned, she will do her best to let Muslims to experience best stay in Tokyo, especially during Tokyo Olympic 2020, without any worries.

There was a boccia court attached on the floor of the hall, it is a game that will be played in Tokyo Paralympic 2020 and participants were welcomed to try to play. Mrs. Koike already tried to play all 22 games, that will be held in Tokyo Paralympic 2020, by herself.

Besides, a representative from participants mentioned that it is a great event to encourage Japan to become a muslim friendly country, with the increase of prayer spaces in public areas as well as halal restaurants/halal foods year by year.

On this event,  variety of halal Turkish foods were prepared to be enjoyed during iftar.

The chefs

The foods were prepared by Mrs Istanbul and Al Ain.

This event gives bright shine in Muslim tourists inbound to Tokyo.