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Happiness Starts Here, at The Manhattan FISH MARKET!

Strolling around Shibuya-Harajuku and Omotesando may satisfy you with shopping street and instagrammable spots this and there. It will be perfect with the availability of halal foods and place to pray.

On the top of that, we have a good news for you. The Manhattan FISH MARKET (Shibuya branch) allows you to have great options in sharing precious time with loved ones with tasty halal foods, also allows you to do a peaceful pray at their prayer room!

It’s a 5 min walk from Meijijingu-mae station on exit 7 or 10 min walk from JR Harajuku station (Omotesando exit), The Manhattan FISH MARKET (in Japanese here), appears as the only halal restaurants available around Harajuku and Omotesando Area. Needless to say, The Manhattan FISH MARKET is a global chain restaurant that expands to 15 countries across the world with more than 70 shops!

The restaurant is located just beside ABA HOUSE. You can find their signature logo easily.

The restaurant is located underground at B1F, so you have to go downstairs to reach it. It is all covered with transparent glass so you can have a full-view of how does it look inside. A fashionably decorated,  playful restaurant with vivid yellow and red sofa with spacious table seat, perfect for family as well as gathering with friends!

Playful interior of The Manhattan FISH MARKET

Prayer room inside the restaurant

What Should You Have at The Manhattan FISH MARKET

Talking about The Manhattan FISH MARKET, their superb platters that is perfect for sharing comes to our mind. The Manhattan FISH MARKET has various of sharing menu, apart from menu for one. “Share the joy”, a great concept of the restaurant that we got on our visit.

They have American-style seafood with a lot of choices from various of fishes and shrimps, to scallops and calamari! Even though most are fries, but it doesn’t greasy and easy to eat.

Try their signature menu, The Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter that you can share for two! This menu has generous portions of fish fillets, oysters, calamari, and flaming tiger prawns! The staff will flame it right in front of you!

The Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter (Dory, 2,980 yen)

We surprised that it has rice below the fries, and way more surprised with how tasty and flavorful the rice is! It is a splendid butter rice with garlic flavor, meets perfectly with soft fried dory and other crunchy fries.

In this menu, you can choose your favorite fish, from dory (2,980 yen) to salmon (3,280 yen).

Don’t forget to enjoy the super big tiger prawn! It tastes sweet and fresh, such an addictive taste.

Craving for the tasty platters

As they have a lot variety of platter, we have one more sharing menu we would like to try. It is Scallops Fish Chicken (SFC), allows you to enjoy the crispy fish fingers, fried scallops, french fries served with garlic herb rice, with only 1,580 yen.

Scallops Fish Chicken, 1,580 yen

We believe these platters will surely keep you satisfied.

From upper left : garlic herb sauce, cajun honey mustard, smoky chipotle sauce, spicy seafood dip, and tartar sauce

For a single menu, try their popular menu Manhattan Fish ‘n Chips Dory for only 780 yen and an addicting Cajun Wings for only 680 yen!

For Fish ‘n Chips, you can choose other than dory, such as cherry snapper, salmon, or pacific coo. It comes with salad, french fries, and tartar sauce.

Fish ‘n Chips

Cajun Wings of The Manhattan FISH MARKET has been a favorite especially among Malaysian residents in Tokyo. Crispy chicken wings seasoned with flavorful Cajun (salt, garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, onion powder, etc stirred together) will satisfy your craving for tasty fried halal chicken!

Cajun Wings

Apart from fries, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has various of salads. This time we tried Summer Shroom! This salad topped with marinated button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and raisins with brownish original sweet dressings. In a glance, you may think it has a thick flavor, but don’t get fooled, as in fact, it has a refreshing taste!

Summer Shroom salad

How about the drinks?

The Manhattan FISH MARKET also has wide variety of beverages, from playful refreshing drink, milkshakes, to simple coffee. This time we had Happiness Infusion (earl grey tea with lemongrass, strawberry, and lychee), Lemongrass Cooler (lemongrass, lychee, aloevera), Passionate Peach (chamomile tea, lemongrass, peach, passionfruit), and Sweet Alabama (chocolate drink with peanut butter and vanilla ice cream), vary start from 580 yen. We found out that there is a kind of small jellies inside the Infusion drinks, such a playful!

Playful yet photogenic drinks at The Manhattan FISH MARKET
From left : passionate peach, sweet alabama, happiness infusion, lemongrass cooler

Did you know that drinks here do not only refreshing, but also have benefits to your body and soul?

Free wifi available in the restaurant adds more comfort while enjoying meals and drinks there!

Iftar Menu for This Ramadhan!

Looking for place to have iftar today? So how to enjoy iftar menu at The Manhattan FISH MARKET?

In this iftar menu, they also have option for sharing too. You can choose the iftar menu, Combo Feast for 1 (1,980 yen) or Combo for 2 (3,780 yen).

This menu will be available until the end of this Ramadhan, so if you happen to be in Shibuya-Harajuku or Omotesando, stop by and enjoy their iftar menu!

Limited Menu Until June 2019, the Awaited Chicken and Fish Burger!

Here it comes the special limited menu of The Manhattan FISH MARKET, chicken and fish burger!

Can’t decide which one between chicken and fish? They got your back!

Fishy Chicky Burger filled with fish, cheese, and chicken, voluminous and satisfying. All burgers come with fries and available for take away.

Fishy Chicky Burger

Complete your meals with drink set with only 190 yen. This limited menu runs until the end of June, so come now and enjoy!


About The Manhattan FISH MARKET

6 Chome-25-17 Jingūmae, Shibuya, Tokyo, Tokyo 150-0001
Mon~Thurs 11:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 22:00 (L.O. 21:30) ; Fri-Sun 11:00 – 22:00 (L.O. 21:30)
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