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Recommendation Offbeat and Memorable Experiences in Gotemba

From spectacular view of Mount Fuji to fun yet exciting leisure resort Toki no Sumika, Gotemba city in Shizuoka Prefecture has a lot of charms to visit. But you can’t get satisfied over there as Gotemba has a lot more things to experience!

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Offbeat and Memorable Experiences You Should Enjoy in Gotemba

The Shopping Paradise, Gotemba Premium Outlets®

As the signature of Gotemba city, Gotemba Premium Outlets® comes as a popular spot for Muslim tourists and residents to go for shopping or leisure. Twenty minutes ride with a free shuttle bus from JR Gotemba station to Gotemba Premium Outlets® makes the access way easier.

Gotemba Premium Outlets® has a number of shops from baby goods and male-female clothes, to sport wears and cooking wares, divided into West and East Zone connected with a huge bridge that faces directly to Mount Fuji. Dear shopaholic, Gotemba Premium Outlets® is a paradise!

The charm of the outlets does not stop right there. They also have a prayer room! The prayer room is located in the East Zone, equipped with wudu space, prayer mat, and prayer clothes for women.

If you want to use the room, please push the buzzer button located right beside the door to call the staff. The staff will open the room for you.

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Prayer space in Gotemba Premium Outlets®︎, with great view of Mt. Fuji

About Gotemba Premium Outlets®
1312 Fukasawa, Gotemba, Shizuoka 412-0023
Open hour
10:00 – 20:00
Website (about prayer space)
Japan Masjid Finder

Challenge Yourself in Horse Riding at Okamoto Riding Club Japan

Okamoto Riding Club Japan is a horse club based in Shizuoka where you can experience riding elegant yet friendly horses with Mount Fuji on the back. All horses are easy to ride and well-trained, even first-timer can fully enjoy the experience!

Okamoto Riding Club Japan is located 20 min ride by car from the Gotemba Premium Outlets® or 10 min ride by car from JR Gotemba station. In Okamoto Riding Club Japan, you will be able to learn how to ride a horse from the most basic technique, such as how to get on, command, etc, and walking through the trail. Each horse will be guided by one trainer that is able to speak in both Japanese and English.

You will be brought to breathtaking forest and paddy fields with a spectacular view of Mount Fuji.

You can enjoy horse ride experience with 12,000 yen per person with Okamoto Riding Club Japan!

More About Okamoto Riding Club Japan

Enjoy Tasty Halal Wagyu and Magnificent View of Mount Fuji Together? It Comes True at Kintokitei That Also has Prayer Space!

Kintokitei is a Japanese restaurant that has been a leading Muslim friendly service in Gotemba city, serving all-halal foods and provide spacious prayer space inside the restaurant.

Kintokitei has 2 floors, the 1st floor is a souvenir corner with plenty of Shizuoka Prefecture’s souvenirs and snacks. There is a Shizuoka’s well-known fried manju (a Japanese confection with red bean paste filling) sold there, along with halal-certified Turkish ice cream.

Shizuoka snack, fried manju you can purchase at 1st floor

The 2nd floor is the restaurant, large enough to accommodate guests in groups. In this restaurant, you can let yourself get overwhelmed with the soft tasty halal wagyu beef, accompanied by a great view of Mount Fuji!

Muslims enjoy meals at Kintokitei

View of Mount Fuji from Kintokitei

Moreover, Kintokitei has a spacious prayer room facilitated with a prayer mat and wudu’ space! So you can do pray after enjoying your lunch there. Convenient, isn’t it?

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About Kintokitei
1-24-5, Ninoka, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 412-0025
Open Hour
11:00-14:00 (lunch only)
Halal Gourmet Japan


Know Japanese Culture Way Closer with Indigo Dye Experience at Kohara-Ya

Indigo dye is a traditional Japanese culture that produces unique indigo blue color called “Japanese blue”, using the leaves of the Japanese indigo plant. Kohara-Ya has been last since the Edo era and now managed by the 4th generation. This time Muslim travelers got a chance to experience indigo dye at Kohara-Ya!

In indigo dye, you need to dip the clothes into a barrel filled with indigo blue-mixed water then exposed it to air. The process needs to be repeated a few times to get deeper blue as wanted.

About Kohara-Ya
676 Hagiwara, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 412-0042
0550-82-0511  / 0550-83-4770 (English-Gotemba Tourism Association)

Komakado Kazaana Cave, The Oldest Lava Tube in Japan Formed by Mount Fuji

Located 20 min walk from Fujioka Station on JR Gotemba Line, Kamakado Kazaana Cave is known as the oldest among the biggest lava tube in Japan, formed from the eruption of Mount Fuji on 10,000 years ago. This cave was designated as a Natural Monument in March 1922.

The temperature inside is 13 degrees throughout the year, cool in summer and warm in winter, as in a different world! It let you have an adventurous experience to see the other side of nature.

About Komakado Kazaana Cave
69 Komakado, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 412-0038
Open Hour
9:00 – 17:00 (until 16:00 in Dec-Feb)
0550-87-3965 / 0550-83-4770 (English-Gotemba Tourism Association)
Dec (every Monday, 31st), Jan (every Monday after 16th), Feb (every Monday, open if a holiday falls on Monday)
Admission fee (general)
Adult 300 yen, children (13-18y.o) 200 yen children (6-12 y.o) 100 yen, free for kid under 5 y.o
Admission fee (group more 25 people)
Adult 200 yen, children (13-18y.o) 150 yen children (6-12 y.o) 50 yen, free for kid under 5 y.o