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Exhibitor Profile of Halal Expo Japan 2016

Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd. (gyomu super)

What is the feature of your company and the products?

We import the original tastes of different countries in the world to Japan. Among all our products, we handle more than 100 halal food items.

Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd. (gyomu super)

Why did your company acquire Halal certification?

Initially our concept was to import the “real” items from countries of the world, by bringing in the distinctive products of each country. Among these products, there was some items for Muslim consumers. We received requests from the Muslims who patronise our shop to increase the number of halal products, that’s why in view of market expansion, we started to increase our halal products from around year 2012.

Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd. (gyomu super)

What is the recommended way of eating/cooking/using it?

We have products ranging from chicken meat, frozen food, seasonings, snacks etc., so customers can enjoy these products according to their lifestyles.

Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd. (gyomu super)

What are you looking forward to in Halal Expo Japan 2016?

We want to increase the sales of our halal products and acquire new customers.

Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd. (gyomu super)

Where can I buy your products?

You can get them in the business-use supermarkets in Japan, however, they stock different kinds of items, so if you have a specific request of any item it is better to contact the store first.

Kobe Bussan Co., Ltd. (gyomu super)


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