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Exhibitor Profile of Halal Expo Japan 2016

What is the feature of your company and the products?

Our company has halal green tea and matcha tea that have received JAKIM・MUI・MUIS certification. We have our own factory where halal tea bags are produced so we can manufacture original products according to customers’ preferences.
In addition, we are the only company in Japan that received halal production certification for matcha tea.

Nakayama Kichishoen Co., Ltd.

Why did your company acquire Halal certification?

We see it as a route for market development with the increase of Muslim population and the significant improvement of growth and living standards of Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Nakayama Kichishoen Co., Ltd.

What is the recommended way of eating/cooking/using it?

Green tea is seen as a functional food product. It is good for health, beauty, anti-aging, diet, increasing concentration level, relaxation and replacement for coffee (lesser caffeine). You can also use matcha as an extra ingredient in cooking, snacks and drinks.

Nakayama Kichishoen Co., Ltd.

What are you looking forward to in Halal Expo Japan 2016?

I hope to meet people from trading companies, manufacturers and people in the hospitality (accommodation) industry.

Nakayama Kichishoen Co., Ltd.

Where can I buy your products?

From our company.

Nakayama Kichishoen Co., Ltd.

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