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Muslim-friendly menu at LANS Vege Dining has been refreshed

Kobe University, which is located in an international city, Kobe, puts high emphasis on “interaction with different cultures” and are accepting many international students every year to achieve their goal of becoming an international university. They have been offering HALAL menu at the in-school co-op cafeteria since 2014, but went through a renewal in October 2016, and started serving food at LANS Vege Dinin.


LANS Vege Dining


The cafeteria offers HALAL, vegetarian, and gluten-free menus.


Information on ingredients are labelled with detail.

The person in charge of the cafeteria, who is also the nutritionist of the co-op cafeteria, e exchanged opinions with international Muslim students to develop the menu.


Here is the image of the cafeteria. Many Muslim and Japanese students are using the cafeteria.



・Vegetable curry
・India-style HALAL chicken curry
・Roast chicken don with chili-mayo sauce
・Roast chicken with gochujang sauce
・Chicken tempura
・Deep fried saba fish with sweet chili sauce
・Deep fried and marinated white fish
・Fried tofu and vegetable
・Vegetable soup
・Fruits yogurt


Indian-style HALAL chicken curry and chicken tempura


Roast chicken don with chili-mayo sauce and vegetable soup


Of course, the taste suits Japanese people too.


The condiments are also labeled.

Comments from students


“I used to always eat the saba lunch, but I am very happy that we now have more selections. It is nice that we can also eat meat.”

Comment from the person in charge
“Although the ratio of Muslims among international students is small, we would like to listen to the voices of students and correspond to them as much as we can. It has been a month since we opened, so we would like to take questionnaires from students and value the opinion of students. Ideally, we would like to expand these services to all cafeterias in each department to improve convenience.”

LANS Vege Dining

Business days 11:30 to 13:00
Non-business days Saturday, Sunday, public holidays
Phone number 078-881-848514971543_1690355101293578_1542712589_o