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Discovering Authentic Ramen and Gyoza in Hokkaido’s Heartland

Asahikawa, Hokkaido, renowned for its chilly winters and delectable ramen, welcomes a new era of culinary inclusivity with Asahikawa Ramen Ichikura’s introduction of halal-friendly delights.

Nestled in the heart of this ramen haven, Ichikura has extended its offerings to cater to Muslim patrons, enriching its menu with carefully crafted alternatives without compromising on taste or tradition.

Ichikura Ramen Shop

Muslim customers enjoying Ichikura’s Halal Ramen

The First Ramen Shop In The City Offering Halal Ramen

For years, Asahikawa Ramen Ichikura has been a beloved fixture among locals, cherished for its rich history and commitment to quality. The restaurant popular “Okhotsk Shoyu Ramen” is a testament to its dedication to inclusivity and innovation.

By meticulously selecting ingredients like Rishiri konbu from Oumu in the Okhotsk Sea, dried herring from Esashi, and premium salmon varieties sourced from the same pristine waters, Ichikura ensures an authentic ramen experience while adhering to halal standards.

Okhotsk Shoyu Ramen

The transformation extends beyond the bowl, with Ichikura revamping its kitchenware and tableware to accommodate Muslim diners, ensuring a welcoming environment for all.

This endeavor reflects Ichikura’s ethos of embracing diversity and fostering cultural exchange through culinary artistry.

Furthermore, they also have vegan ramen offerings!

But the innovation doesn’t stop at ramen. Ichikura introduces a tempting addition to its menu: halal and vegan gyoza!

Chicken gyoza (dumpling)

Vegan gyoza (oriental vegan-friendly)

Crafted from halal-certified chicken and homemade gyoza skin made from Hokkaido wheat, these savory parcels are a testament to Ichikura’s commitment to quality and inclusivity. Paired with an alcohol-free soy sauce, the halal gyoza promises a burst of flavor that transcends cultural boundaries.

Muslim customers enjoying dining at Ichikura

The response has been overwhelming, with Muslim patrons and non-Muslims alike flocking to Ichikura to savor these culinary delights. The crispy exterior and succulent chicken filling has earned the halal gyoza widespread acclaim, further solidifying Ichikura’s reputation as a pioneer in halal-friendly dining.

Halal-certified chicken used

About Asahikawa Ramen Ichikura

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