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Great news for Muslims!

Azumaya, a long-established wankosoba (buckwheat noodle) restaurant in Iwate, began Muslim friendly service. Up until now, Muslims cannot eat wanko-soba because of mirin (which contains alcohol) that is used to make source. However, the day has come when Muslims can finally eat it!

Every prefecture in Tohoku region has its own signature gourmet, and Iwate prefecture is known for Wankosoba.“Wanko” is the word for “bowl” in Iwate dialect.

What makes this noodle unique is how it’s eaten: a server keeps slide in new portion of noodles to your bowl one after another.
It’s known as the style of hospitality in Morioka.

Azumaya is a long-established buckwheat noodle restaurant in Iwate Prefecture that opened in 1907, and they are working to develop Muslim-friendly wankosoba.
Normally, Muslims cannot eat wankosoba because the source contains mirin. So, Azumaya has invented source sans mirin, and they even use different pot to cook the special source.

It’s said that 15 bowls of wankosoba equal 1 portion of normal soba noodle.
And, if you can down more than 100 bowls, you’re awarded with their original certificate.
Please enjoy Iwate Prefecture’s wankosoba in memory of your trip to Tohoku.

Note: Please make a reservation three days before by phone call if you want to order halal wankosoba.



1-8-3, Nakanohashidori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture

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Written by: Fumiya Takahashi
Translated by: Hideo Adachi