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Written by Kika-san

I know that there are now some ramen shops that are muslims friendly or halal such as Naritaya (halal), Katatata Motoazabu (halal), Kaijin ramen (Muslim friendly), etc. But this ramen museum that I will write about is a worth to visit place as it is not just a ‘ramen shop’ but acts as an interesting tourist attraction too. Check it out!

Firstly about the Ramen Museum in General.

This ramen museum is located near Shin-Yokohama Station. To get in to the museum you have to pay for 310 yen admission ticket for 1 adult. This museum is comprised of 3 floors: B2F and B1F for the ramen shops and other attractions area, 1F for the souvenir shop area.
Instead of displaying the history of ramen from time to time, this museum will give you the impression of how people eat ramen in the old times. The interior decorations, the attractions at the main hall, the other shops open, will be the time machine that brings you back to the history.

Next, about the Ramen. Yaiy!

I love the ramen they provide here. Once the staffs recognize that you are Muslim, they will give you a separate leaflet with information of vegetarian ramen that are permissible for Muslims. There actually a lot of ramen shops available, but only 5 kinds of ramen from 5 different shops are permissible for Muslim consumption. They carefully list the detailed of vegetarian menu’s ingredients in English with pictures of each ramen. The ramen prices are vary from 820 yen to 900 yen. Not that cheap but the taste and the portion is worth the price!

Ramen Menu for Vegetarian, and Muslims too 😀

I chose the ramen from shop no. 6 with artificial meat made of soybean. It was awesome! Better than any ramen I ever tasted. It comes with thick and rich soup, bean sprout, shredded kelp, peanuts chunks, and of course the soybean meat. I wanted to try other ramen from other shop, but the portion of this ramen occupied my whole stomach already.
Komurasaki Vegetarian Ramen

Prayer Room.
When it comes to pray time and you want to pray, just ask the nearest staff that you need a prayer room: ‘oinori suru bashyo doko desuka?’. The staffs could be found in a security guard costume (they are staff too, you know!) or just other usual staffs at 1st floor. They will open you a room at the B1F where you can pray. The prayer mats and compasses are provided. There is also wash basin for the ablution inside and paper towel on the table at the corner to dry your hand or feet after.

If you are in Japan or will come to Japan, make sure that you don’t miss this place. OK?

Prayer Room (Up) and the Wash Basin (Down)
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By: Kika

2-14-21 shinyokohama kitaku yokohamashi, Kanagawa 222-0033