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Versatile Vegan Butter Meets Diverse Needs

Marine Food, Japan’s prominent food company, has announced the upcoming release of three varieties of their new product line, “Rich Plant-Based Butter,” starting in May 2023.

In response to the increasing demand for alternative food products driven by the growing health consciousness and rising prices, Marine Food aims to cater to these needs by introducing new items.

Following the successful launch of its plastic container-type plant-based butter in April of last year, the company has now expanded its lineup to include individually wrapped Rich Plant-Based Butter, which helps in moderating usage.

The product will be available in two sizes: 400g (50 pieces) and 64g (8 pieces), with an additional 450g pound-size package for commercial use.


The key feature of “Rich Plant-Based Butter” is its remarkable richness, comparable to dairy butter, despite containing no animal ingredients. It is ingeniously designed to maintain its rich flavor even when heated.

The individual packaging makes it convenient to accompany toast or various bread dishes and ensures hygienic usage by allowing for precise measurements during cooking.

Furthermore, unlike regular margarine which often contains plant oils along with some animal-based ingredients such as powdered milk, cream, or butter, “Rich Plant-Based Butter” is completely free from any animal ingredients! This makes it an ideal choice not only for vegetarians and vegans but also for those conscious of their cholesterol levels.

In fact, compared to dairy butter, this product offers a 98% reduction in cholesterol, making it highly recommended for individuals prioritizing their cholesterol intake.

Rich Plant-Based Butter

Net: 400g (50 pcs. Single packaging per 8g)
Price: 1,100 yen (tax in)

Net: 64 g (8 pcs. Single packaging per 8 g)
Price: 198 yen (tax in)

Net: 450 g (bond type)
Price: 640 yen (tax in)


Edible vegetable oil (domestically produced), edible refined processing oil, fermented seasoning, salt, coconut paste, yeast extract/emulsifier, flavoring, coloring (carotene), (contains soybeans in some cases)

Product Features

“Plant Butter” offers a richness comparable to dairy butter and does not contain any animal ingredients, including dairy products. Additionally, it provides a 98% reduction in cholesterol compared to dairy butter. It is a versatile type suitable for both spreading and cooking. The individual packaging allows for flexible usage according to your needs.