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High-Quality Japanese Food Meets Vegan!

Located on a hill with an altitude of 108 meters overlooking the city of Kagoshima, Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima is a popular hotel among both international and domestic tourists, that has been the venue for many meetings, conventions, parties, and more.

Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima and Kagoshima’s symbol, Mt. Sakurajima

The hotel’s restaurants; Rakusui楽水, Shisui思水, Sakura 桜, and  Suiren水 offer a variety of vegan Japanese cuisines using Kagoshima’s local vegetables that the chef is very familiar with, cooked and served carefully in traditional Japanese techniques.

The vegan meal is mouthwatering and attractive with a 1nice texture and flavor even though it is free from animal products. This menu is highly recommended for those who want to eat delicious vegetables that are grown in Kagoshima’s fertile soil and served with various cooking methods.

Rakusui (1F) & Shisui (2F)

Offer the best Japanese meals by bringing out the natural umami and sweetness of vegetables, which expresses the delicacy and uniqueness of Japanese cuisine (reservation is required at least 2 days in advance).
Rakusui website:
Shisui website:

Vegan course meal

Sakura (1F)

Sushi chefs maximize the deliciousness of the ingredients and provide the most delicious vegetables for each occasion. You can also enjoy conversation over the counter (reservation is required by 17:00 the day before).
Sakura website:

Vegan sushi

Suiren (1F)

Enjoy vegan meals by overlooking a garden with a waterfall! The meal is made carefully using Kagoshima’s local seasonal ingredients, tofu, yuba, and kakiage soba with selected soup stock that will satisfy all tastes (reservation is required by 17:00 the day before).
Suiren website:

The vegan course at Suiren

The hotel’s garden

About Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima

Address 41-1 Shinshoincho, Kagoshima city, Kagoshima Prefecture 〒890-8586 
TEL 099-224-2211
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Overlooking Mt. Sakurajima

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