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Another Vegan Meal That Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima Has To Offers!

Located on a hill with an altitude of 108 meters overlooking the city of Kagoshima, Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima is a popular hotel among both international and domestic tourists, that has been the venue for many meetings, conventions, parties, and more.

Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima and Sakurajima

The hotel’s Cantonese Restaurant, Hisuicho, offers vegan meals “Saishoku Kenbi” which is created with the technique of cooking Cantonese foods and combining them with fresh yet delicious local vegetables. Tamura chef who is in charge of this vegan meal was a sous chef of Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s “China Room” for 4 years and has a thorough knowledge of the Kagoshima’s ingredients.

No compromise in taste, appearance, or texture! It satisfies everyone’s appetite, suitable for not only vegans and vegetarians but also for those who want to eat delicious vegetables grown in the fertile soil of Kagoshima in various cooking methods.

Hisuicho (3F)

Offering authentic Cantonese cuisine, this time the restaurant offers a vegetarian menu prepared with unique Chinese using plenty of Kagoshima local vegetables (reservation required by 17:00 the day before).

Details on the website (Saishoku Kenbi lunch)

Details on the website (Saishoku Kenbi dinner)

Vegan course at Hisuicho

Hisuicho entrance


Shiroyama Hotel Kagoshima

Address 41-1 Shinshoincho, Kagoshima city, Kagoshima Prefecture 〒890-8586 
TEL 099-224-2211
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Kagoshima Tourism Guide (Vegetarian Page)

Overlooking Mt. Sakurajima

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