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Vegan-Friendly Meal in Kagoshima, Amami no Sato!

Regarding travel to Kagoshima Prefecture, the Amami No Sato is an anticipated tourist facility in Kagoshima city that allows visitors to experience Amami Islands’ nature and culture while enjoying the southern tropical atmosphere. The area is well-known for Oshima Tsumugi fabrics and views the production process of silk fabrics.

The Hananka(花ん華) restaurant of Amami no Sato is best known for its signature menu, chicken rice, using local chicken. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in requests from customers who refrain from eating meat, including vegetarians and vegans.

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Inside Hananka Restaurant

Then today, they launch a new meal Kagoshima’s seasonal colorful vegetables with rich sesame soy milk and medicinal soup bowl, completed with kombu dashi, sesame, soy milk, and more.

Kagoshima’s seasonal colorful vegetables with rich sesame soy milk and medicinal soup bowl. Price 2,300 yen (image).

The meal comes in a deep yet rich and creamy taste without using animal ingredients. Each dish in the meal enhances the taste and texture of each other and is cooked only with ingredients and seasonings that are good for the body.

Pour the soy milk soup into the rice

This menu is recommended not only for vegetarians and vegans but also for those who want to skip eating meat on the day, those who don’t like chicken or those who want to try something new.

*Price is 2,300 yen including tax (includes saladう and small dessert)
*Reservation required at least 3 days in advance (reservations can be made by mail, phone, or through the website)

About Hananka Restaurant

Address 1-8-1 Nanei, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture 〒891-0122
Tel 099-267-1331
Contact Form Here
Opening Hour Open all year round
Lunch time  11:30~15:00(L.O.14:00)
Dinner time 17:30~21:00(L.O.20:00)
Visit Kagoshima City(Vegetarian page)