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Written by: Zunita Ramli

Tsutaya Books, a world-renowned Japanese bookstore chain, officially opens its first Southeast Asian store in Malaysia on 7 July 2022.

Famously named as “one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores”, Tsutaya Books at Pavilion Bukit Jalil aims to inspire and transform lifestyle with the store’s concept of “Cultivate Culture & Lifestyle”. Spanning 31,000 sq ft, the single-story bookstore is home to over 240,000 specially-curated books, stationary and decorative goods.

The store comes in a chic interior dominated by black. You can find the books displayed all over until reaching the roof!

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What Can You Find Here?

Books (Of course!)

With over 240,000 specially-curated books, Tsutaya Books showcases the largest children’s edutainment selection of any bookstore in Malaysia, with over 20,000 children’s books in English, Japanese, Bahasa Melayu, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Stationeries, Souvenirs, and Craft Items

If you are looking for exclusive made-in-Japan stationeries, Tsutaya Books has a lot of range to offer. From high-quality stationeries to souvenirs and craft items, you can always visit Tsutaya Books for last-minute gifts!

Homeware goods

Homeware goods in a bookstore? As the store’s concept of “Cultivate Culture & Lifestyle”, I think Tsutaya Books really does a great job. The concept feels so fresh especially when there is no bookstore concept like this in Malaysia before.

Coffee, drinks, and cakes!

Nothing is better than having a coffee with a book, right? In Tsutaya Books, they give you more – coffee, a book, and a zen vibe. I confirmed to the Tsutaya Books by myself that the foods and drinks served in the cafe are Muslim-friendly!

Rest your legs, enjoy the books, and immerse yourself in Japanese-style foods and beverages!

Cafe corner inside Tsutaya Books

Apart from all those things, Tsutaya Books’ ambiance makes it stand out from other bookstores in Malaysia. Overall, Tsutaya Books is a great place to go and if asking me as a book lover, I love to come again if I am back in Malaysia!

What about you? Will you be heading there anytime soon?

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