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Presenting The Finest Foods With Amazing Cooking Skills

Satoru Ueda presents a vegan Italian course at Kurinomi Cafe in Kumamoto City from June 1st (Wednesday) to June 3rd (Friday), 2022. The chef, born in Mifune-cho Kumamoto Prefecture, currently belongs to L’Armadillo Vino – Cibo – Musica in Italy.

Chef Ueda has a track record of winning the Vegetarian Chance 2019 in Italy, for the first time as a Japanese!

Ueda chef learns the skills in Italy.

Ueda chef

This time he made full use of his experience and technique, presenting a vegetarian full course in 8 items using plenty of local Kumamoto ingredients, which is also his hometown.

Dishes in The Full Course Menu

Amuse (fava beans, marjoram, fermented tomato gazpacho, potato millefeuille, aioli, truffle essence)

Fava beans marjoram

Appetizer (beet tartar, radicchio salad, espresso)

Steamed vegetables (buckwheat crepe, DAIZ ragout and fermentation)

Risotto (plankton, wild vegetables)

Main dish (eggplant, labne, cedar)

Pre-dessert (granita)

Dolce (hazelnut blancmange, rhubarb, chamomile)


The Impressions

A male participant (40’s y.o) said that he was happy to be able to enjoy Kumamoto’s delicious vegetables as the most delicious food, not as a” food that does not use meat or fish “. Furthermore, a male participant (50’s y.0) was surprised with how excellent the foods were made as he forgot it was a vegan course, and a female participant (30’s y.o)  was feeling blessed to enjoy foods made with the best skills.

We are happy to introduce that the governor of Kumamoto Prefecture gave a comment, “This is the first time I have eaten such a delicious dish”.

Chef Ueda end the event with a comment, “I am currently building a career in Italy, but in the future, I would like to return to Kumamoto and give back to my hometown, so I would like to work hard every day with that goal.”

The venue, Kurinomi Cafe, is planning to inherit the recipes and offer some dishes including risotto in the future.

Due to the spread of new coronavirus infections, business hours and regular holidays may differ from those listed. Please check with the store in advance when you come to the store

Restaurant name Kurinomi Cafe
Address 2-28-30 Ezu, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture  〒862-0942
TEL 096-223-5630
Opening Hour *Shorten opening time
11:00~19:00 (L.O. 18:15)No regular closed day
※Due to the spread of COVID-19, business hours and regular holidays may differ. Please check with the store before visiting.

Ueda Chef with the governor of Kumamoto Prefecture

Flags that present Italia, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, and Valle d’Aosta region