Ramadan Starts from 3rd April 2022 in Japan

Ruyatl-e-Hilal Committee-Japan has announced as followed regarding the start of Ramadan of 2022.

Ruyatl-e-Hilal Committee-Japan announced that 1st Ramadan Al-Mubarak, 1443 A.H. falls on Sunday 3rd April 2022 in Japan, as the Hilal (Crescent) was neither sighted in Japan nor in Malaysia on 29th Shaban, 1443 A.H. (1st April, 2022).

Ruyatl-e-Hilal Committee-Japan would like to extend best wishes to you and to the Ummah Islamiyah for Ramadan Al
Al-Mubarak. May Allah SWT have mercy on the Ummah Islamiyah, and guide all Muslims to follow the holy Qur’an and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW and do good deeds.

Ruyatl-e-Hilal Committee-Japan’s Meeting Video


Therefore, in many mosques in Japan they will start the Taraweeh prayers from 2nd April tomorrow.

Ramadan Kareem!