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It’s Now Can Be Purchased By Everyone!

Kewpie Corporation announced that HOBOTAMA(ほぼたま), which was only available for business purposes in the first place, is available for general sales starting from March 17, 2022. Customers can get the product from online shops, at the moment limited to Tokyo, Kanagawa, and some parts of Chiba Prefecture.

The new product HOBOTAMA liquid egg (for heating) is available at a price of 182 yen and the HOBOTAMA scramble egg is at 214 yen. Both come frozen with Netto 60 g.

About egg substitute

About The Products

Product name: HOBOTAMA 加熱用液卵風
Price: 182 yen (including tax)
Expiry date:12 months in frozen
Purchase: on Amazon

Product name: HOBOTAMA スクランブルエッグ風
Price:214 yen (including tax)
Expiry date: 12 months in frozen
Purchase: on Amazon