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How Does The Vegan Lunch Offered by Hotel Westin Sendai?

Hotel Westin Sendai  (The Westin Sendai) is a popular hotel that represents Tohoku area. The hotel is on the 1st to 3rd floors and on the 25th to 37th floors of the Sendai Trust Tower. It sits inside a complex with 37 buildings of the large-scale “Sendai Trust City” in Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai. Still within walking distance to and from Sendai station and the center of the city.

Symphony Restaurant on the 26th floor of the hotel is a restaurant where you can enjoy meals with the city view. They offer vegan lunches using the world’s three famous mushrooms (porcini, matsutake mushrooms, and truffles) and various local vegetables, which we are so excited about!

※ The menu might change, depending on the season and availability of the ingredients.

Inside The Symphony Restaurant

The Vegan Lunch Menu

Vegan Lunch Menu

Soy milk smoothie using grape and blueberry from local

Appetizer : Marusen farm’s tomato and grape terrine, marinated Miyagishirome soy quinoa and maitake mushrooms

Soup : Butternut squash veloute with Italian truffle flavor, Miyagino’s yuba (bean curd skin) frit with Sendai’s parsley

Pasta : Sendai’s welsh onion and Higashimatsushima’s dried seaweed, soy pasta using Miyagishirome soy bean with porcini flavor

Main dish : Roasted omni meat and wakuya tofu, Shirono murasaki (ancient rice from Tagajo city) and matsutake mushrooms risotto, grilled shallot with mushroom sauce (from Funagata city in Yamagata Prefecture)

Dessert : Soy milk blancmange using Miyagishirome soy bean with Japanese chestnut paste

The Taste? Impressive!

Talking about vegan foods, there are many cafe-type menus in Tohoku, but only in The Westin Sendai where you can feel the remarkable vegan lunch prepared by professional chefs. All the dish comes like fine art which not only satisfies the mouth and stomach but also the eye.

Vegan lunch in The Westin Sendai allows guests not only an incredible taste of the vegan food but also to enjoy the three famous mushrooms in the world! On top of that, guests can enjoy the best time dining in the restaurant, surrounded by splendid taste and aroma, beautiful appearance, great service, and comfortable ambiance.

Name The Westin Sendai    Symphony Restaurant
Address 1-9-1 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture 980-0811
Tel 022-722-1234(Representative/10:00~20:00)
Business Hour Lunch 11:30~14:30(14:00 Last Order)