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Written by Lala-san

Thank you to Shibayama san and Shugo san! We had very wonderful holiday at Tochigi perfecture.
First, we went to Takei san’s cafe, “Le Coeur-Heart”. Even though Takei san is one of famous chef and pattisier in Japan, he is very very friendly.

We ate some (halal) snacks and drank olive tea at the Cafe. Olive tea is perfect for souvenir so we bought some. After that we went to Takei-san’s restaurant. The restaurant was a really comfort place with nice atmosphere which make us feel like at home. We surprised that he also provide us a space for praying! We are so happy about it. We ate oyster soup and pilaf. The taste was very very delicious! The other surprising one is, Takei-san provided us NEW glasses that are not used for drinking alkohol! Thank you so much for your kindness!

The next destination was Snow Kamakura, the house snow. Since Tokyo are not snowing, we glad that we finally could reach snow. We took some hours to reach the place. The view was very very beautiful!!

The last destination was Nikkoken, Sano ramen restaurant. Sano ramen is very famous ramen in Japan, but usually ramen containing pork that Muslim can’t eat that. There is one place in Sano, “Nikkoken” that offering Halal Ramen! Goka-san, the chef, has already known Muslim for about 10 years. So he made ramen from halal meat, and finally Muslim could eat Japanese famous food! We also eat gyoza and omuraisu (omelet+rice=omuraisu) there. Very delicious!

There are also so many muslim visit his restaurant. Thank you so much for making halal Japanese food for us!

That was our one-day trip in Tochigi perfecture. Thank you again to Shibayama san and Shugo san for this trip! We enjoyed a lot.