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Bring Fascinating Food Cultures and Values Through Foods

Enjoying halal and vegetarian/vegan foods as you are traveling to the Arabian Night, anyone?

CARVAAN TOKYO is a restaurant introducing the essence of traditional Mediterranian and Arabian cuisine through authentic yet delicious Arabian foods located in Tokyo. Certified as a Muslim-friendly shop by Islamic Center Japan, they bring different food cultures and values to Japan that allows customers to experience the extraordinary. On top of that, CARVAAN TOKYO that managed by FAR EAST, Inc., brought Siwa Oasis dates from Egypt since the time when it was not familiar to the Japanese.

Set up in the fashionable Shibuya Scramble Square 12F, the restaurant is designed with an epic combination of Western-style buildings in the Meiji era and Arabian architecture. The interior, from tables and chairs to lamps and tableware is collected from worldwide, dominated by wooden and black that create an exotic yet chic atmosphere.

The foods served at CARVAAN TOKYO use natural ingredients, from spices to seasonings, that are directly imported from all over the world. They use natural salts such as rock salt and sea salt, and natural sweeteners of palm sugar and agave syrup as sweeteners instead of white sugar. Of course, using halal meats in all meat dishes.

What to Have at CARVAAN TOKYO

If you are a first-timer enjoying Arabian food, we got your back! Arabian plate and Arabian kebab are our recommendations to have first!

Arabian plate

The Arabian plate is an assorted plate of 6 kinds of appetizers lined up in colorful yet exotic Arabian tableware, including hummus (chickpea paste) that is eaten in various parts of Middle East countries, Syrian local dish muhammara (red pepper dip), moutabal (spicy eggplant dip) that is also originally from the Middle East. You can enjoy the appetizers by dip an aish baladi, an ancient Egyptian flatbread made from whole wheat flour which is considered vegan!

Arabian plate

Arabian Kebab

Arabian kebab comes in gorgeous variations of kebabs from all over Arabic countries, from the spicy Adana kebab with minced beef/lamb, juicy shish kebab with chicken, swordfish kebabs with flavorful Bengal mustard sauce, to Turkish style shrimp kebab in an easy-to-eat size.

Assorted kebab

If you want to enjoy deeper Arabian foods, CARVAAN TOKYO has a number of tasty yet flavorful meals to take you enjoying the other side of Arabian food!

Arabian Lamb Burger

This is a special burger of CARVAAN that comes with a juicy chopped lamb patty, two kinds of cheese (feta and Monterey Jack cheese), creamy tartar with spicy harissa sauce, and Lebanon traditional’s tabbouleh salad (finely chopped parsley, with tomatoes, mint, onion, bulgur, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and sweet pepper) and vegetables in special buns.

Oman Lamb Paella Makboos

It’s Oman’s rice dish made from fragrant basmati rice cooked in a tagine pot with layered mixed spice and lamb that allows the meat’s flavor absorbed thoroughly into the rice.

Oman Lamb Paella


It is a traditional yet popular Middle Eastern sweet cheese pastry, made from hot cheese wrapped in crispy kadaif (finely shredded filo dough) which comes with cardamom-scented coffee or Egyptian organic hibiscus tea.


Arabian Afternoon Tea Plate (Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Only)

The Arabian Afternoon Tea Plate comes with seven kinds of Arabian sweets which are made from Arabian ingredients and free from white sugar. It uses palm sugar as sweeteners and utilizes the original sweetness of fruits. You can enjoy the afternoon tea plate with two selected drinks.

The afternoon tea plate is available in a limited quantity, we recommend making a reservation in advance through the website or phone call on  03-6451-1772 (English OK).

Arabian Afternoon Tea Plate

More about CARVAAN TOKYO’s menu.

Enjoying Arabian Foods at Home

Besides dining in, CARVAAN TOKYO offers delivery services on Uber Eats and Chompy, as well as a takeaway that allows you to enjoy authentic yet flavorful Arabian foods at home!

For the takeaway service, it needs cooking time so we recommend making a phone call of your order in advance to save 20-30 minutes of waiting.


Shibuya Scramble Square 12F, 2-24-12 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Carvaan Tokyo
Halal Gourmet Japan

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