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The First and Only Halal Burgers Shop in Japan

Enjoying halal burgers in Japan is comparatively difficult to find, but now Muslims in Japan can enjoy lovely halal burgers at Luxe Burgers, located in Ningyocho, Tokyo.

Luxe Burgers opened at the beginning of 2020, gains attraction from Muslims in Japan with its innovation to serve the first halal burgers in Japan, besides halal steak as one of their recommended meals. Besides Muslim residents, the burgers are receiving a great reputation from Japanese consumers as well.

The Cozy Luxe Burgers

Located in a busy business area surrounded by office buildings, Luxe Burgers comes in a cute exterior dominated by blue, white, and red that represent French’s flag and cozy warm interior.

Luxe Burgers obtained halal certification as the first halal-certified burger shop in Japan in May 2020.

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Mouthwatering Halal Burgers and Meals

Luxe Burgers use 100% halal lamb patty for the burgers that are specially made by the owner-chef and available at a reasonable price. The owner-chef, which has 20 years of experience in French cuisine, prepared every single ingredient used for the meals, from patty and ingredients to sauces and dressings.

Owner-chef (right) and staff

Furthermore, they offer a bistro menu with plenty of seasonal organic vegetables that are carefully selected by the chef and stocked directly from the farmers.

Newly Added Menu from February 2022!

From February 2022, Luxe Burger launched new menus with concept of 100% Beef in addition to 100% Lamb as a number of Muslim customer have demanded beef burger option since they started the Halal meal option. So now you can enjoy both type of meats, beef or lamb as your preference.

Enjoy The Burgers at Home!

With the pandemic that makes us difficult to dine outside, Luxe Burgers offers takeaway and delivery services so that you can enjoy the halal burgers at home.

Takeaway (walk-in OK)


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