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Is There Any Prayer Room at Tokyo Big Sight?

Tokyo Olympic had been started on 23 July 2021 that attract the world’s attention to the most awaited summer games after being postponed for a year after the coronavirus outbreak.

On 24 July 2021, there was news brought by a Japanese Digital Media Kyodo News mentions that 「Main Press Centre (MPC) as the base for domestic and foreign media covering the Tokyo Olympics, had not prepared for Islamic prayer rooms and halal foods that brings bad reputation from Muslims」(main article:

However, the Tokyo Big Sight is actually, has a prayer room, which is located at the entrance hall of West 1 since 2015. The prayer room is only one for a large building like Tokyo Big Sight, which on some occasions, might be not that easy to be accessed depends on which part of the building you are using. We are not sure yet in which part of Tokyo Big Sight that the Main Press Centre is using, but the Tokyo Big Sight has a prayer room for sure.

Furthermore, those who need to have halal foods are allowed to bring their own food into the venue, according to the The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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