TOP 10 popular halal/Muslim-friendly restaurants in Japan in October 2020, based on restaurant access on Halal Gourmet Japan.

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1. SOLEIL (Shimbashi, Tokyo)

SOLEIL is a new restaurant opened at the beginning of September in the new shopping complex in Ginza, Hibiya Okuroji. It serves halal and vegan meals that are cooked by a professional chef that makes you will not notice. Available halal pizza that gains high responses from Muslim residents.

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Halal meals at SOLEIL

Vegan meals at SOLEIL

2. Nikkoken (Sano, Tochigi)

Nikkoken is a famous Sano ramen shop located just a few mins walk from Sano station in Tochigi prefecture. A number of Muslims are visiting the shop just to enjoy the ramen, which tells us how tasty this ramen is!

Additionally, you can come here to snack on the chewy and delicious halal gyouza.

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3. Luxe Burger (Ningyocho, Tokyo)

The popular lamb burger is known as the very first halal burger in Japan. This dish is enjoyed not only by Muslims but also by Japanese customers.

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4. Spicy Food Network (Taito, Tokyo)

Spicy Food Network provides many kinds of spices from Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Africa, etc. There are also Halal food ingredients such as meat, bread, instant curry, flour, sauces, rice, daal, pastes, pickels, oil, snacks, frozen vegetables, dry fruits, noodles, drinks, and others. This shop is perfect for your South Asian and Southeast Asian dishes!

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5. Halal Yakiniku Zerohachi Nanba OCAT (Nanba, Osaka)

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6. Padma Halal Food (Misato, Saitama)

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7. Halal Shop Kaliber (Mejiro, Tokyo)

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8. Watan Sapporo Halal Food (Sapporo, Hokkaido)

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9. Tendon Ginza Itsuki (Ginza, Tokyo)

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10. Okonomiyaki Origami (Hiroshima)

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