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The Ultimate Destination for Kobe Beef Lovers

Nestled in the heart of Kobe City near Sannomiya Station, Tsuki Usagi is a compact restaurant that packs a big punch when it comes to serving halal Kobe beef. Owned by a friendly master who takes pride in offering a homey atmosphere and mouth-watering food, Tsuki Usagi has become a popular destination for halal food lovers.


Tsuki Usagi on Google Map

Tsuki Usagi entrance

The restaurant offers a three-course menu that features halal Kobe beef prepared in various ways to satisfy the taste buds of every customer. The menu includes the steak course, hobayaki course, and yakiniku (BBQ) course, each served on exclusive tableware and kitchenware that express Japanese tradition.

The steak course is a perfect choice for meat lovers who crave juicy, tender beef that melts in the mouth. The hobayaki course is a unique dining experience that involves grilling Kobe beef with vegetables and mushrooms on a magnolia leaf using a traditional Japanese earthenware pot. The yakiniku course, on the other hand, offers a fun DIY-style barbecue where customers can grill their own beef at the table.

Steak course

Hobayaki course

Experience grilling Kobe beef by ourselves!

The full course includes appetizer, soup, sashimi, tempura, Halal Kobe beef, garlic rice with soup, and dessert.

Sashimi as an appetizer.

Clear soup with the owner’s handmade tofu.

All the halal meals served at Tsuki Usagi are prepared using halal ingredients and halal seasonings, and the Kobe beef used is halal-certified. The restaurant takes great care in ensuring their customers have a memorable and safe dining experience.

Apart from the delectable food, Tsuki Usagi offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes customers feel right at home. The owners are always on hand to greet customers and make recommendations based on their preferences. The restaurant’s traditional decor and ambiance add to the dining experience, making it an ideal place for family gatherings, date nights, and casual meals with friends.

If you would like to pray, kindly get in touch with the staff who will assist you in locating the designated area. The space will be situated outside the restaurant, but it is equipped with a roof and provides a peaceful environment (as the restaurant is located on the top floor), allowing you to pray with tranquility.

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To enjoy our halal Kobe beef course, it is recommended to place a reservation to serve your spot at least a day prior to your visit, by filling in a reservation form or sending an email to or by calling 078-331-3026 and asking for Mr. Lee (accept inquiries in English).

The price of the course ranges from 11,000 yen to 35,000 yen per person, depending on the cut of beef selected. The course is available for groups of two or more during lunchtime, and they now welcome solo guests during dinnertime.

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