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TOP 10 popular halal/muslim friendly restaurants in Japan January 2020, based on restaurant access on Halal Gourmet Japan

1. Isshou Tokyo (Tokyo, Ueno)

Isshou Tokyo, again, comes on the first place following January rank! Their tender halal wagyu beef and flavorful halal motsunabe are addicting!

The halal wagyu

Halal motsunabe


1 minute walk from JR Ueno station

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2. Japanese Restaurant MATSURI (Osaka) 

An extremely popular muslim restaurant in the northern part of Osaka! Japanese restaurant MATSURI has been in TOP 10 for these couple of months, proofing how popular the restaurant is. It has a muslim friendly Osaka soul foods and vegetarian foods as well as muslim friendly souvenir corner in the shop.


2 minute walk from Nodahanshin station.

3. Ramen Ouka (Tokyo, Shinjuku)

Ramen Ouka is popular with its original ramen that calls a lot of Muslim customers to enjoy the meal.


3 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Gyoen-mae station

4. Ginza Tendon Itsuki (Tokyo, Ginza)

The first halal tendon available in Japan! The crunchy tempura poured with addicting sweet sauce is unstoppable that attract both Muslim and Japanese customers. Available in a reasonable 1,000 yen~, a must try when visiting Tokyo.


5 minute walk from JR Yurakucho station or 2 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho station (inside Ginza Inz 2F)

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5. Ayam-YA Shin-Okachimachi

A pioneer of halal ramen in Japan that allows to enjoy a thick and flavorful chicken broth-based Japanese ramen!
(Previously located at the Okachimachi, and now moved to Shin-Okachimachi)

6. CURRY HOUSE CoCoICHI Kabukicho (Tokyo, Shinjuku)

CoCoICHI is a popular Japanese curry house in Japan which comes in halal-certified in these recent years. Since the opening of Kabukicho, Shinjuku branch, a lot of Muslim customers come to enjoy the curry. Available kids menu.

7. Sushiken (Tokyo, Asakusa)

Known as the first halal sushi in Japan, Sushiken Asakusa is the best choice to enjoy the authentic Japanese sushi. They also have tempura (lunch menu), halal beef and others.


5 min walk from Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi station, 10 min walk from Kaminari-mon gate

8. Uokura Hakata (Fukuoka)

The only place to enjoy halal wagyu beef in Fukuoka as well as the prestige blackthroat seaperch and spear squid!


1 minute walk from JR Hakata Station (Tsukushi exit)

9. Mazulu Lanzhou Ramen (Tokyo, Tokyo station)

Newly opened on Oct 3rd, the globally recognized halal-certified Mazulu Lanzhou Ramen Tokyo station branch calls a great response. They serve 9 kinds of noodle that has a different texture each other that let you have a various experience in enjoying their flavorful ramen.


Gran Tokyo South B1F, 3 minute walk from Tokyo station Yaesu South Exit

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10. Halal Wagyu Dining PANGA 585 (Tokyo, Asakusa)

A halal-certified restaurant to enjoy a fine juicy meat in Asakusa, Tokyo! You will be allowed to enjoy not only  a tender steak, but also a must-try meat sushi!


10 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tawaramachi station, 15 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station.

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