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The restaurant is along the river side of Doutonbori, the center of Osaka!

Osaka has been loved by a lot of people over the years as “City of Gourmet”, and even being called as  “The Kitchen of Japan” during Edo period because of  the position of Osaka being the center of  logistics and commercial activities.

Above of all the area in Osaka, “Doutonbori” must be one of the most popular and famous tourist destinations lined with countless number of souvenir shops and theaters.

Here we introduce you one of the shops along the Dontonbori riverside, Okonomiyaki specialty restaurant “Chibo”.

Even in overseas! The specialty restaurant of Okonomiyaki “Chibo”is Muslim Friendly!

Chibo has known to have history of more than 45 years and has as many as 70 restaurants in whole Japan. There are even 9 restaurants in overseas, including the countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia, where the majorities of the population are Muslims.

Chibo yaki(JPY 2,000)

If you are a first timer to go to the shop, we’ll recommend you this “Chibo yaki”, the signature dish at Chibo! It is a satisfying dish has beef, shrimp, scallop and squid just within a slice of Okonomiyaki!

Chibo is not all about Okonomiyaki!

Although Chibo has been known to be a specialty restaurant of Okonomiyaki, It also has other very attractive menus such as “Yakisoba” “Teppan yaki”, and “Omelet rice” so you can enjoy lots of Japanese cuisine all at once in here!(See menu from here

Coriander Yakisoba(JPY 1,580)

Halal Wagyu Beef Loin Steak(JPY 3,400〜)

Omelet Rice (Curry sauce) ¥1,280

You can enjoy yourself with not only “Taste” of the meal , but also “Sight” of the cooking at Chibo!

At Chibo, there’re even seats in front of the iron plate for cooking, so you can enjoy the sight of tasty food are being cooked just in front of you! It gives you another level of joy in eating, doesn’t it?

Make yourself at home even in terms of Praying!

Surprising fact is; Chibo had all of their iron plates renewed before starting the restaurants as Muslim friendly restaurant. And of course, all of the ingredients of the meal such as seasonings and meat are all Halal certified. Since they got rid of every possibilities of pork / alcohol contact, you can enjoy the meal without worrying about anything related ingredients of the food!

In addition to that, the restaurant will prepare you Wudu and Praying mat at Prayer space!
Please come and visit “Chibo” if you have chance coming to Osaka!

Check out the video as well!

About restaurant “CHIBO”

7F 1-5-5 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka
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