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“Friendly Dining” finally makes its long-Awaited Amazon launch

You may have heard of animal & alcohol free sauce named  ” Friendly Dining ” (Nichirei Foods Inc.)  in lots of the restaurants these days.

What makes the sauce called “All-rounder”?

If you hear somebody say “all-rounder sauce” you might think of the sauce that can be used in various kinds of dishes, and it’s true, but that’s not the only reason this time.

This “Friendly Dining” sauce not only gained its reputation among people who are Muslim, Vegetarian, and Vegan, but also among the normal Japanese because of its “Beautiful taste”

※This product is not Halal/Vegetarian certified but achieved the requirements of level 3 in ingredients process.

Now, there are 6 products lined up as below;

Bologneze flavored pasta sauce
Keema curry with 7kinds of vegetables
White sauce made of Soya milk
All-Rounder thick starchy food
Mapo sauce
Japanese curry sauce

Friendly Dining launched its products on Amazon for responding to the individual customers’ requests, so now you can enjoy this lovely tasty sauce experience at even your home!

You can shop from Here

Recommended to restaurants like these;

・Your restaurant would love to serve Muslim / Vegan customers as well but you want to take a baby step first because you cannot take a high risk for this .

・Your restaurant offer a buffet-style meal and would love to have a sauce which will be  accepted by much more people with different back grounds  at a same time.

・Your restaurant would like to have a sauce just in case for the time you welcome a customer with dietary restrictions like Muslim, Vegetarian, and Vegan.

【Examples for start using this sauce】

Recommended to Individuals who think like these;

・You want to welcome Vegetarian or Muslim visitors at your home with your special Japanese curry.

・You would love to throw a party with serving delicious meal for everyone with different dietary restrictions.

・You would love to avoid animal content foods for your own health.