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The field of this time is Hyogo prefecture! Kobe city and Akashi city are the attractive cities that flourished as the port towns facing Seto Inland Sea in the old days.

“THE ICHIBAN” is a TV program that is being broadcasted by RTV, Indonesia now. In this program, JKT48 members travel to look for “No.1 in Japan” in various regions of Japan. They try to find out attractive spots such as “the oldest”, “the biggest”, “the most famous” in Japan, that matches a given picture. The host of the program is Dwi Andhika, a drama actor, and Haruka Nakagawa joins in every episode.

People living outside Indonesia can watch this video in official website. This website also contains the collections of deleted scenes and photo galleries. Please get access to “THE ICHIBAN” website!

Hyogo – THE ICHIBAN Official Website:


They are given the clue by Andhika as usual. Haruka Nakagawa, Michelle Christo Kusnadi, Ratu Vienny Fitrilya ware handed a photo of the building that has eye-catching white wall. Time limit is 7 hours! They depart while feeling the wind of the sea on their back.



Kobe city is located in Hyogo prefecture, Kinki region, and faces the Seto Inland Sea. On the Venus Bridge, a start point of this time, visitors can get the whole view of downtown and the sea, and can enjoy night scene of the harbor in the evening. This is the JKT48 members’ favorite spot!



After starting, firstly JKT48 members head for Motomachi Shopping Street. They try Kintsuba and Japanese tea. Our recommendation is doing window shopping because this street has a lot of cafes and galleries. At some distance from Motomachi Station, there is Kobe Muslim Mosque, the oldest mosque in Japan.

Kobe Muslim Mosque

Kobe Muslim Masjid:



Akashi city, that takes 30 minutes from the middle of Kobe city, is also port town known by Akashi port. The special product of this city is called “Akashiyaki”, a food that similar to takoyaki and has much fish stock flavor. In Uonotana Shopping Street, JKT48 trio and Andhika eat this Akashiyaki. Unfortunately, there are only a few restaurants in Hyogo prefecture today. We hope the number of restaurants for muslims will be increase!

This time too, an accident occurs to JKT48 members! Please watch the video and find out “No.1” with them.

Hyogo – THE ICHIBAN Official Website: