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From noodle, soup, until toppings, all is your original one!

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Kyoto is one of well-known travel destination in Japan that has a lot of traditional places and beautiful sightseeing spot.

Have you heard that “Ramen Factory” just established in Kyoto?

Here we can make our own original ramen that we would love to share with you!

Easy to access! How to stop by and enjoy the service?


Autumn leaves at Tofukuji temple

Nearest station from “Ramen Factory” is Tofukuji station, just 1 station away from Kyoto station.
There is Tofukuji temple nearby that is famous with its beautiful autumn leaves.

Let’s make the ramen!

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This time we have Afif from Malaysia and Mustofa from Indonesia, to join us in challenging ramen making.


There are 3 courses available in making ramen. This time we chosen the most popular course called “Luxury Course”.

“Luxury Course” consists of noodle making, draining hot water from noodle, soup making, and topping making, plus we can get a gift as souvenir too.

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Ramen Factory has English-speaking staffs and they will guide you kindly and gently, so those who is first-timer can enjoy the service comfortably.

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Let’s make the ramen!

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First of all, we have to make the topping by grill it with burner.


Our reporters excitingly use burner

Then, continued with make the noodle.

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In Ramen Factory, we can make the noodle start from the very beginning process. In making the noodle, we need to punch (!?) the noodle to make it soft, then cut it by using special machine. This process was the most exciting one!

We also have a video report!

Want to know how our reporters enjoy ramen making? Please take a look on video below!

After make the noodle, then we continue to make the soup.

We can combine soy sauce, miso, salt as we like. We can say that we can make our own original soup!

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After the soup ready, we just need to add the noodle and toppings.
Voila! Original ramen is ready!


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Our reporters looked satisfied enjoying their own original ramen for the first time.

Pray space also available!

No need to worry where to pray.

There is pray space on the 2nd floor of Ramen Factory with wudu’ space and pray mat available.

Men and women pray space is separated with curtain. What a comfortable pray space !


A luxury pray mat costs ¥100.000, made by a company in Kyoto


Muslim reporters doing rock-paper-scissors to decide who will use the ¥100.000 pray mat

Do not have time to participate? Here is good news for you!

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Making ramen at Ramen Factory only need about 45 to 90 minutes, however, if you do not have time to participate in the experience, you can have a meal menu only there.

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Ramen factory located very close from Kyoto station, so if you come to Kyoto, challenge yourself to make your own original ramen (only one in the world!) at Ramen factory!

Ramen Factory

Higashiyama-ku, Honmachi 15-chōme, 814−18, Kyoto 605-0981