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Introduce delicious Halal breads by TUGBA TRADING CO.,LTD

TUGBA TRADING CO.,LTD, the trading company that has been engaged in promoting Turkish foods in Japan, introduces delicious halal breads.


What is the difference between normal bread and Halal bread?

Generally, there is something including animal fats in a raw material in food additive of margarine, shortening and emulsifier etc.

However, we do not use any animal fats in our Halal bread.
In addition, there are many bone coals derived from animal origin that are used in the process of refining sugar. Yet, we never use this type of sugar.

Characteristics and Taste

Our bread is Turkish bread. Because we do not use margarine or shortening unlike a general bread, it might be easy to think that flavor and taste are insufficient.

Turkish bread has not particular for the water and the method of fermentation of dough, originally. That is kneaded of olive oil and dill (a kind of herb) and butter in the dough. That is why you can have delicious flavor and taste.

We make 11 kinds of bread in total.

Hamburger Bun
Ekmek Plain(Table pan)
Poacha Plain(the bread of including herbs)
Poacha Cheese(the bread of including herbs)
Poacha White cheese(the bread of including herbs)
Cream Bun
Sesami Pastry
Simit Plane
Dry fig & White cheese Bun
Oranfe & White cheese Bun
Cheese Ring


Ekmek Plain(Table pan)


Dry Fig


About the sales outlet for consumer

Currently, for consumers it is only our own company store (Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal)

Business dealing

The standard is 30 g, 50 g, 70 g, 80 g.
Restaurants, hotels, school meals, employee cafeterias, meals, lunch boxers, and retailers can be handled.


Please contact us for the estimate below.

The person in charge:Fatih Demiryurek