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Savor the Flavors of Nature in Southern Kyushu

In the heart of Kagoshima, a mere hour and a half flight from Tokyo, lies a heaven of natural beauty and abundant treasures – the agricultural powerhouse known as “Kagoshima, the Land of Agriculture.”

Nestled in this paradise of Kagoshima is Zenzai Maruya Gardens, a teahouse run by a former organic farmer. Recently, they’ve started introducing a vegan menu using plenty local flavors of Kagoshima.

Shofu (gluten cake) cutlet

With a theme centered around organic and creativity, their menu features specialties like zenzai made with 100% organic azuki red beans, handcrafted warabi mochi using local bracken flour, and other meticulously crafted dishes using Kagoshima’s organic vegetables.

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Menu Highlights

Lunch Set Menu (available at 11:00~14:30)

・Shofu cutlet (vegan, free of 5 pungent roots, alcohol-free)
・Kapao rice (vegan, free of 5 pungent roots, alcohol-free)
・Vegetable healthy curry (vegan)


・Zenzai (vegan, free of 5 pungent roots, alcohol-free)

Using organic Hokkaido-grown azuki beans and mineral-rich cane sugar, this exquisite zenzai offers a gentle sweetness that’s kind to the body.

Curry and rice



About Zenzai Maruya Garden

Address Maruya Gardens 7F, 6-5 Gofukumachi, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Pref 892-0826
TEL 099-248-9369
Opening Hour 11:00~19:00 ※休みはマルヤガーデンズの休業日に準ずる
Official Website
Happy Cow
Kagoshima Travel Navi (Vegetarian Page)\td>


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