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Indulge in Exquisite Halal Wagyu!

Hakata is a historic port city located in the northern part of Kyushu in Fukuoka city, Japan’s southernmost main island. This vibrant area seamlessly blends traditional Japanese culture with the latest trends, offering a multitude of attractions.

Among them, Hakata Bay stands out as a popular spot for various seaside activities at the enchanting Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, commercial complex Canal City Hakata that spans approximately 43,500 square meters, and the renowned Yanagibashi Rengo Market, affectionately called “Hakata’s Kitchen,” are must-visit destinations.

Moreover, Hakata enjoys excellent transportation connections, making it easily accessible. From Fukuoka Airport, you can reach Hakata Station in just 10 minutes by subway. The station serves as a major transportation hub for the Kyushu Shinkansen (bullet train), conventional train lines, and the subway system, offering the utmost convenience for tourists.

City view of Hakata area, Fukuoka

A Treasure Trove of Delicious Kyushu Cuisine, Including Halal Wagyu

Located a mere 2-minute walk from Hakata Station’s Chikushi Exit, there is a restaurant where you can savor the exquisite taste of Halal Wagyu. Uokura restaurant situated on the second floor of the Miyako Hotel Hakata, specializes in preparing dishes using premium ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables sourced from Kyushu. Highly skilled chefs ensure that the natural flavors of these ingredients are maximized through their expert culinary techniques.

Halal black cattle beef wagyu for lunch (3,800 yen)

Since 2019, Uokura has been catering to Muslim customers by offering halal wagyu, gaining popularity among both residents and Muslim travelers to Japan.

Customers who have had the opportunity to taste the halal wagyu express their delight, saying, “From the moment it touches your tongue, the rich flavors of the meat explode, and the texture is incredibly tender and juicy”.

Another satisfied customer shares, “The meat’s quality is outstanding, and with each bite, it melts in your mouth. The meticulous attention to detail in the cooking process is evident.”

While Uokura does provide halal menu options without prior reservation, it is highly recommended to make a reservation due to its immense popularity among local Japanese customers.

The ingredients used

Also available seafood options

Restaurant name Hakata Uokura
Address Miyako Hotel Hakata 2F, 2-1-1, Hakataeki Higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 〒812-0012
TEL 092-433-5214
Opening Hour Lunch 11:00~14:00
Dinner 17:00~22:00
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