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These are What to get in Aomori as Souvenirs!

Aomori a captivating prefecture nestled in the northern region of Japan, is best known for its rich agricultural heritage and bountiful natural resources. From the crisp and juicy apples to the pungent garlic, Aomori’s local produce offers a delightful culinary experience.

Hirosaki Castle is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Aomori Prefecture.

In this article, we will explore the recommended souvenirs that capture the essence of Aomori that serve as mementos of your unforgettable journey in the region.

Aomori Apples: A Sweet and Crisp Delight

No visit to Aomori is complete without savoring its iconic apples. Renowned for their unparalleled sweetness and remarkable crunch, Aomori apples are a testament to the prefecture’s commitment to quality.

Whether you choose the juicy and refreshing Fuji apples, the tangy and fragrant Tsugaru apples, or the subtly sweet yet refreshing Orin apples, each bite will transport you to the heart of Aomori’s lush apple orchards.

Moreover, it is worth noting that apples of the same variety, but from different farms, can possess unique sweetness and flavors. This offers an exciting opportunity to indulge in the pleasure of tasting and comparing them.

Take home a selection of these delectable fruits or indulge in mouthwatering apple-based products of Aomori!

Apple Snack

In Aomori, where various apple varieties flourish, these snacks bring you the distinct flavors of each apple variant through their delightful apple chips. Experience the diverse tastes and flavors that Aomori’s apples have to offer.

Made with simple ingredients, each chip is delicately coated with a light syrup, preserving its exceptional crispiness. Once you try them, you’ll surely find it hard to resist grabbing more than just one pack!

Apple Snack. Source: Apple&Snack Co. Ltd.

The Apple Snack we found so far is available in 5 variants; Orin (green), Sanmutsu (pink), Fuji (orange), Jonagold (red), and mix (white) in 60 g/pack, at a price of 400 yen/each (tax in).

Ingredients (all)

Apple (production of Aomori), vegetable oil, maltotriose syrup (sweetener from starch).

Where to Purchase

The products can be purchased at Tsugaru-han Neputa Village (5 min walk from Hirosaki Castle) and A factory (3 min walk from JR Aomori St).

Aomori Dried Apple

These dried slices of Aomori apple, are a delightful treat that is neither fried nor coated in sugar. Each slice brings out the original taste of the apple with a simple taste.

You can find Aomori Dried Apple in two delightful variants: Fuji apple (red) and Orin apple (green). Each pack contains 25 grams of pure apple goodness for the affordable price of 324 yen/pack (tax in).

Aomori Dried Apples. Left: Orin, right; Fuji.

Ingredients on the back.

Ingredients (both)

Apple (production of Aomori), salt/antioxidant (vitamin C), (some contain apple and soy).

Where to Purchase

The products can be purchased at the New Days convenience store at JR Aomori St.

A Variant of 100% Apple Juices

When it comes to apple juices, whether in glass or plastic bottles, the apple juices in Aomori are renowned for their purity. They are made from 100% apple juice without any added sweeteners!

During our visit, we discovered a new and exciting product: apple juice crafted from Fuji and Orin apples sourced from Hirosaki City, which introduces a distinctive flavor profile that showcases the diverse range of apples grown in the region.

Fuji apple juice comes in a harmonious blend of sweetness and sourness, while Orin apple juice in a straight refreshing taste and is low in sourness.

Also, we found a rarely-found ringo (apple) honey! The honey taken from apple blossom, comes in subtly tangy fruitiness and refreshing taste, along with its rich sweetness and delicate yet elegant aroma of apple blossoms.

The blooming period of apple blossoms lasts only about 10 days, from late April to mid-May, making this honey exceptionally rare, as it can only be harvested during this short window of time by a limited number of beekeepers.

From left to right; apple honey, Orin apple juice (green), Fuji apple juice (red).

The apple juice comes in 180 ml/bottle at a price of 350 yen, while the ringo honey comes in 200 g/bottle at a price of 1,944 yen.

Ingredients (both juice and honey)

Apple 100%

Where to Purchase

Juice: Hirosaki Apple Park
Honey: Oirase Field Museum Shop

Furthermore, readily available commercial juices found in vending machines or local shops also provide the option of 100% apple juice. Among them, this apple juice series stands out as particularly appealing since it is crafted using a variety of apple types, resulting in distinct flavors for each variant.

The drink is produced by Acure (drink brand) under the management of JR East Cross Station Co., Ltd. together with J.A. Aoren, an Aomori’s local agricultural organization that processes and sells agricultural products of Aomori Prefecture, especially using 100% Aomori apples.

From left to right: Toki, Tsugaru, Ringo, Fuji

According to Acure’s official website, they have 7 variants of apple juices, but unfortunately this time we were only able to find 4 of them (will definitely find the other 3 next time!). We found Toki, Tsugaru, Ringo, and Fuji.

The apple juice is available in 280 ml/bottle at a price of 180 yen/each.

Ingredients (all)

Apple 100%

Where to Purchase

The New Days Convenience store at Aomori St., Tsugaru-han Neputa Village (5 min walk from Hirosaki Castle), and A factory (3 min walk from JR Aomori St), local vending machine.

Aomori Garlic

Aomori garlic is well-known for its strong smell and rich flavor, making it a unique addition to any dish. It stands out with its large size, firm cloves, and snowy white appearance. Aomori Prefecture is proud to be the biggest garlic producer in Japan.

Besides fresh garlic, Aomori’s black garlic is something you should pay attention to.

Black garlic of Aomori

As stated by Amazing Aomori, Aomori black garlic is exclusively crafted from high-quality white garlic cultivated in the Aomori prefecture. It undergoes a meticulous aging and fermentation process for a duration of three to four weeks, utilizing optimal temperature and humidity conditions, resulting in its transformative black appearance.

This natural transformation imbues the garlic with elevated sugar content, lending it a texture reminiscent of dried fruit and tasting very sweet, which can be easily enjoyed by kids and the elderly.

Black garlic is widely hailed as a superfood with numerous health benefits. Its reputation stems from its exceptional nutritional properties and unique flavor. Nevertheless, it is crucial to adhere to the recommended consumption guidelines specified on the packaging.

Black garlic comes in various brands, packaging, and amount. We got those in 100 g at a price of 1,000 yen



Where to Purchase

It is available at souvenir shops. We got one at A factory.

Charming Magnets: Capturing Aomori’s Essence

For a keepsake that beautifully encapsulates your Aomori experience, opt for a charming magnet adorned with iconic Aomori landmarks. Choose from magnets featuring the prefecture’s mascot Ringochan, the prefecture’s shaped magnet with apple clip, or the prefecture’s best-known Nebuta festival! There are also keychains, socks, and more apple-designed ones.

These magnets not only serve as decorative reminders of your journey but also make excellent gifts for friends and family.

Where to Purchase

The products can be purchased at Tsugaru-han Neputa Village.

Aomori’s rich agricultural traditions and coastal abundance provide a treasure trove of delightful souvenirs. From indulging in juicy apples and savoring garlicky flavors to capturing the essence of Aomori with charming accessories, these souvenirs ensure that your memories of Aomori remain vivid long after your visit!

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