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Halal Kobe Beef can be Enjoyed in the Middle East!

Kobe beef, a highly sought-after Japanese delicacy, is set to be exported to the Middle East, starting with Saudi Arabia. A contract was signed between the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association, consisting of producers and distributors, and a company owned by the Saudi royal family to become an authorized halal Kobe beef distributor in 13 Arabic-language markets.

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Halal wagyu supplier, Tatsuya butcher’s representative director as the director of Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association gave a speech

Exported beef must meet the strict Islamic law process and receive halal certification to be allowed into the country. Prince Faisal of Saudi Arabia tasted a Kobe beef steak and expressed his satisfaction during his visit to Japan for the signing ceremony.

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Over the next year, 145 head of cattle will be exported to Saudi Arabia, and the beef will be sold at local meat shops and restaurants. The goal is to expand the consumption of Kobe beef in the wealthy Middle Eastern market. According to Prince Faisal’s interview on NHK, they have been receiving many inquiries about Kobe beef and he expressed his desire to further increase its consumption.

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