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New Vegan Restaurant in Shimokitazawa

The first Vegan American Chinese diner in Japan, “OSCAR Vegan American Chinese” opens at Shimokitazawa’s shopping area Bonus Truck! The pre-open is on Sunday, December 18th, 2022 with the grand-opening on December 29th, 2022.

The concept of “American Chinese” refers to Chinese cuisine that is firmly seasoned with an American taste, and Panda Express is the best-known restaurant of this food concept.

OSCAR Vegan American Chinese uses 100% plant-based egg “UMAMI EGG” developed by the venture company UMAMI UNITED JAPAN, which attracts investment from all over the world and is in the spotlight in the plant-based market (press release here).


Rice and noodles are served as the “side dish”, and side dishes on top are served as the “main dish”. You can freely choose the combination of “side +main+drink”. Main available in 10 items, side in 4 items. You can also order 2 types of half & half for the main.





About OSCAR Vegan American Chinese

Address: BONUS TRUCK, 2-36-15 Setagaya-ku, Tokyo