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HMJ made ASAKUSA&UENO MAP FOR MUSLIM in cooperation with the Taito district ward office and Okachimachi mosque. HALAL conditions of each restaurant are divided into different levels for an easy understanding of travelers.

★★★   ALL HALAL(All halal food menu with no alcohol served)
★★   FOOD ONLY HALAL(All halal food menu )
★          WE HAVE HALAL MENU(Some food menu is halal)

Many restaurants that offer foods representing Japan are listed, including restaurants serving local menus, yakiniku restaurants serving HALAL wagyu beef, restaurants serving HALAL sushi, HALAL ramen, and more. And there are Indian curry, kebab restaurant. Also, there is a list of spaces where you can pray. Please enjoy the Asakusa and Ueno areas.

The map can be found at tourist information centers, airports, and restaurants.
*You can also download it from here

Especially we want you to enjoy Sushi, Yakiniku, Ramen.

■Yakiniku Panga

■Sushi Ken

■Naritaya & Ippin