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First of all, Food Diversity, Inc. (Halal Media Japan, Halal Gourmet Japan, Japan Masjid Finder) would like to say Happy Eid al Fitr! We are wishing you a happy and peaceful Eid wherever you are!

Back to the topic, Eid al Fitr was announced to fall on May 2, 2022, by Ruyatl el Hilal Committee Japan on May 1st night, which brings cheers and joy to Muslims all over Japan.

The mosques prepared for the big prayer event and were ready to welcome Muslims to pray together.

Eid Prayer

Most mosques in Japan accommodate the Eid prayer. Last year, the number of people who can join the prayer was strictly limited.

However, there is an impression that more people could participate as the long line of Muslims waiting to enter the mosque occurred in some spots. related to the restriction within Japan became a little bit looser than before.

The prayer was divided into two, three, or four times depending on each mosque, to accommodate people who come from afar to be able to join the prayer and to distribute people to avoid crowds.

For mosques with limited space, they limited the number of people who can join each time or needed those who want to join to register in advance.

Some mosques set health measurements before people can join the prayer, such as wearing a mask, doing wudu’ at home, bringing their own prayer mat, avoiding physical contact, and leaving as soon as possible.


This event can’t be missed when it comes to Eid al Fitr. Silaturrahim is a beautiful thing in Islam, which means the strengthening of relationships with friends, relatives, and other people. Muslims ask for and give forgiveness to each other, welcoming their new page after fasting for a month.

In Eid al Fitr 2022, Muslims in Japan do the silaturrahim in small groups, as they couldn’t do after a few years due to the pandemic. Some are visiting friends’ homes, while some are enjoying meals together with the community in an open space.

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Have a blessing Eid!