Written by: Zhafira Aqyla

As introduced last month, Halal Media Japan now presents biweekly Instagram Live sessions with inspiring Muslims in Japan, whose experience can bring so many incredible lessons for all of us.

For our Gems in Japan: December edition, we received the honor of talking with two amazing speakers who shared their dearest gems with our viewers.

The first speaker was Mr. Ridwan Normahazan, a Malaysian YouTuber who is currently working as a mechanical design engineer at Syntegon Technology, a multicultural company in Japan. He shared with us the ups and downs of working as a Muslim foreigner in Japan, including his effort to maintain an Islamic lifestyle despite being a minority.

Our second speaker for the month was Ms. Icazahra, a talented singer-songwriter from Indonesia who made her debut as a soloist in Japan and is now currently working on more music for her album release in 2021. She talked about her journey to become an established musician in Japan while balancing her schoolwork as a master’s student at Sophia University.

You may watch the archive from Halal Media Japan’s IGTV.

Gems in Japan: January Edition

We are going to welcome this new year with more exciting speakers from our community. Our very first speaker is Ms. Dalia Nasr, an Egyptian who is currently working in a Japanese company. She will let us know the ups and downs of working as a Muslim woman in Japan.

Our second guest speaker is the talented mogul who established the very first Halal bakery, Hanamaza PAN, in Japan, Ms. Siti Nurjanah.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our January edition of Gems in Japan, and happy new year!