Delicious foods in Japan makes our Muslim brothers and sisters that resident in Japan can’t help to treat themselves with something tasty and give satisfactory. For the meat lover, yakiniku is your must-try, meanwhile, for those who are a Japanese cuisine lover, you might love to enjoy the traditional kaiseki course.

Yakiniku PANGA, Tasty Treats for the Meat Lovers

We believe that our readers are familiar already with the Yakiniku Panga. This halal yakiniku restaurant is a popular restaurant to visit, especially among Muslim travelers, located at the Okachimachi area close to Ueno. They serve the highest rank of meat, including the popular kind of wagyu, the Satsuma beef, at a super reasonable price since they buy directly from the market.

This time, our Muslim sister overwhelmed with the course she ordered. She had the gensen (specially selected) set menu consists of various kinds of meat, including the rare meat sushi!

Recently, they opened in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, close to Dotonbori with the name “Osaka Panga

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Ise Sueyoshi, An Oasis in the Center of Tokyo to Enjoy the Kaiseki Course

Ise Sueyoshi is a famous restaurant at the Nishi Azabu, Tokyo that serves the halal yet exquisite kaiseki course since a few years ago. The chef, Mr. Tanaka has also taken the Halal Manager Training and Exam with the Japan Islamic Trust. The kaiseki course served beautifully and in order, that will let you carefully enjoy each bite, each taste of each ingredient.

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Honke Tankuma Honten, Halal-Certified Restaurant to Enjoy the Kaiseki Course in the Traditional City, Kyoto

Known as a Michelin-starred restaurant for years, Honke Tankuma Honten serves all halal food in the restaurant, and of course, the halal kaiseki course! Honke Tankuma Honten allows you to enjoy the pure yet original taste of the kaiseki course in a traditional Japanese atmosphere. Our Muslim sister enjoyed the halal kaiseki course that consists of luxury 11 dishes and was overwhelmed with how nice the flavor of each meal was presented in a beautiful and unique way.

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