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Interviews with Exhibitors at Multicultural EXPO 2019

We will report what is going on at the front line of countermeasures for the 2020 issue through the interviews with exhibitors at Multicultural EXPO 2019 held in Asakusa in November 2019.

Corporate intelligence
Company name Himeji city
Company overview Himeji city is at the Hyogo Prefecture in the west part of Kansai are, blessed with the world heritage, Himeji castle, that attract abundance of tourist year by year. Since 2017, we have begun the development of restaurants that cater the diversity of foods, such as halal and vegetarian.
Head office location 4-1 Yasuda, Himeji city, Hyogo Prefecture
Contact person Takai, Ikeda (Regional Revitalization Promotion Division)
Contact information
Message / benefits to buyers and visitors There are 5 muslim friendly restaurants in Himeji city.

①Please tell us something about your company and products.

Himeji city is the very first place in Japan that has national treasure, Himeji castle, which is known with its supreme beauty that makes it called “the white castle”. Apart of that, Himeji has a various of sightseeing spot, including the Shoenzan Buddhist temple which is known as the shooting place of popular Hollywood movie “The Last Samurai”.
If you happen to come to Himeji, you can use prayer room available in front of the Himeji station and various of Muslim friendly restaurants. From now on, Himeji city will put effort to cater more needs in diversities in terms of foods.

②Why you started to venture into the food diversities?

Himeji city has a good relationship with Indonesia, with the Enzan Memorial Museum of Arts and Crafts as the commemorated of Ijiri Susumu, the person who introduce the largest Buddhist temple in Center Java, Indonesia, to Japan, as well as sister school between Jakarta’s Takaranita High School and Hyogo Harima High School, etc. To develop the relationship with Indonesia as well as with the hope to welcome more people to visit Himeji, Himeji city put the effort in the availability of food diversities that we started with halal.

③What is the best way to enjoy your products?

Please enjoy the anago (conger eel) that can be caught from Harimanada. Enjoy the popular local food, anago bowl with sweet sauce, wasabi, green onion and other herbs. Moreover, the crunchy texture of tempura in tempura bowl can be enjoyed together with the seasonal vegetable tempura.

④What are your expectations for exhibiting at the Multicultural Expo 2019?

We would like more people to know that Himeji city is challenging in terms of food diversities and attract more visitor to enjoy Himeji city.

⑤Where to purchase your products?

Please take a look at “Muslim Omotenashi MAP in Himeji” on link below.

On Multicultural EXPO 2019

By reinterpreting HALAL EXPO JAPAN, “Multicultural EXPO 2019 – Tomorrow of Japan – ” will come back to Asakusa for the first time in two years as an EXPO in which we can think about “eating, experiencing, and living” necessary for Japan to get ready for 2020 together with people from all over the world and learn what to do about not only foreign tourists visiting Japan but also immigrant foreigners.

Host: Multicultural EXPO 2019 Executive Committee
Dates: 10:00 – 17:00 on November 13 (Wed) and 14 (Thu)
Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Taito-Kan
Exhibitors: Halal-related business operators, vege and vegan-related business operators, local governments, regional revitalization organizations, and others.

※For any inquiries about taking part in the event and the EXPO itself, please visit our website.