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Chef Kusumoto Showcases Vegan Japanese Cooking Techniques

In a dynamic fusion of culinary cultures, a unique event titled “Japanese Vegan-Menu Workshop” was recently hosted in Australia, spotlighting the art of plant-based Japanese cuisine.

The workshop, a collaborative effort between JFC Australia and Otafuku Sauce Company, featured renowned Chef Kusumoto from the Tokyo-based vegan restaurant “Saido“. Held on April 8th in Sydney and April 10th in Melbourne, the event drew an enthusiastic crowd of eighty food industry professionals.

The rising interest in vegan diets in Australia provided the perfect backdrop for this culinary showcase. Chef Kusumoto, a proponent of the Japanese vegetarian culinary philosophy known as “Shojin-ryori,” tailored his presentations to address the growing demand for vegan options.

Throughout the sessions, he demonstrated how to create rich flavors without the use of meat or fish, improve texture and satisfaction in vegan dishes, and delight customers with appealing menus and presentations.

Chef Kusumoto performs Japanese cooking techniques in Australia

Participants were treated to a live cooking demonstration where Chef Kusumoto artfully explained the techniques for enhancing plant-based dishes using traditional Japanese methods and ingredients.

He highlighted innovative ways to use time-saving condiments and shared presentation tips that can elevate a simple dish to a culinary masterpiece.

Chef Kusumoto explains about each sauces

The workshop also included a tasting segment featuring diverse dishes such as vegetable teriyaki, tofu steak, kitsune soba, and various other specialties including yuzu ramen and tonkotsu-style ramen made without pork.

These offerings illustrated the versatility and depth of vegan Japanese cuisine, using products like the collaborative “Yakisoba Sauce” and “Umami Dashi Tsuyu” developed by Sainomichi and Otafuku Sauce.

Foods offered in the workshop

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing eagerness to incorporate the tips and techniques shared by Chef Kusumoto into their menus.

The practical advice and clear explanations provided by the chef helped clarify many aspects previously challenging for local chefs adapting vegan options.

Looking ahead, JFC Australia and Otafuku Sauce Company plan to continue offering similar workshops to meet the increasing interest in plant-based dining options.

This event not only served as a platform for culinary exchange but also highlighted the global trend towards more sustainable and health-conscious eating practices.

As plant-based diets gain traction globally, such initiatives are pivotal in shaping the future of the culinary world, making gourmet vegan cuisine accessible and enjoyable for all.