Rekindling the Magic of Japan: A 3-Day Journey through Hitoyoshi Kuma

Welcome to the sustainable wonders of Hitoyoshi Kuma!

Japan has captivated travelers worldwide with its abundant nature, hospitality, and delicate culture. However, amidst the towering skyscrapers and modern impressions, some may overlook Japan’s true allure.

In this 2-night and 3-day tour, we invite you to visit Hitoyoshi Kuma, uncovering its unique charm. Designated as a Japan Heritage site, Hitoyoshi Kuma is steeped in the history of the Sagara clan, offering beautiful landscapes that change with each season, await your discovery!

Blend into Nature: Charms of Every Season

In spring, cherry blossoms bloom beautifully, turning into a refreshing oasis by the pleasant clear waters in summer. Vivid autumn foliage paints the scenery in hues of red and gold, while winter blankets the mountains with serene snow.

Each season paints a unique masterpiece, inviting you to witness the enchantment of Hitoyoshi Kuma’s ever-changing beauty.

Sustainable Food Tour with Local Blessings

Hitoyoshi Kuma’s cuisine is brimming with local flavors infused with sustainability. You’ll stroll through the streets on the walking tour, visiting Kuma Shochu breweries. The globally acclaimed Kuma shochu, known for its smooth aroma and rich flavor, provides a unique opportunity to engage with the local shochu culture.

The cycling tour takes you to the region’s heart, exploring the history of the Sagara clan. You’ll visit tea fields for direct tea tastings and savor handmade tofu dishes and mouthwatering vegan burgers by the riverside, all made from fresh local produce.

The Hitoyoshi Kuma tour also includes a cooking class, creating a familiar atmosphere as you cook local favorites with the blessings of regional ingredients— an experience that creates lasting memories.

The Way of the Samurai: An Adventure in Swordsmanship

Connect with the ancient art of swordsmanship during the tour by embracing the spirit of Bushido! This tour introduces you to the unique sword techniques crafted by Marume Kurando, a skilled swordsman from the late Sengoku and early Edo periods.

Beyond learning swordsmanship, you’ll feel a profound connection to the region’s heritage, making these hands-on adventures unforgettable.

Book Your Cozy Getaway

Your retreat in Hitoyoshi Kuma promises an adventure that feels like catching up with an old friend. Secure your spot for the 3-day tour through [BOOK WITH US] and get ready to embrace the familiar charm of Hitoyoshi Kuma.

This is more than a trip; it’s a reunion with a place that feels like it’s been waiting for you—Hitoyoshi Kuma, your home away from home in the heart of deep Japan.